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Wydawnictwo: Ventigo Media Sp. z o.o.
Liczba stron: 521
Rozmiar 2,5 MB
Data premiery: 2017-02-27
Tytuł: The Pilot
Autor: Cooper James Fenimore
Wydawnictwo: Ventigo Media Sp. z o.o.
Język wydania: angielski
Język oryginału: angielski
Liczba stron: 521
Data premiery: 2017-02-27
Rok wydania: 2017
Format: EPUB
Liczba urządzeń: bez ograniczeń
Drukowanie: bez ograniczeń
Kopiowanie: bez ograniczeń
Indeks: 21125065


Bold, vigorous, original, it is a tale of high adventure that vividly captures the majesty and power of the seafaring life. . In this novel cooper introduced the character of the „old salt,” the seasoned deckhand happy only aboard ship. Cooper drew on his direct knowledge of ships and sailors to present a truer picture of life on the sea than had ever before achieved in literature.. in the pilot (1824), james fenimore cooper invented a new literary genre: the sea novel. The shadowy hero, modeled on jones, leads a squadron of the infant american navy in a series of raids on the english coast, braving fierce storms and the guns of hostile warships, yet never revealing his identity. As a boy of seventeen he had experienced the life of a common seaman, learned the craft of sailing, encountered terrifying storms, was chased by pirates, and watched the impressment of crew members by a british man-of-war.the pilot is loosely based upon stories of john paul jones’s daring hit-and-run tactics The Pilot Pobierz during the revolutionary war.

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